A Little Less (A Poem)

I’m the one you love a little less

Than the one you love the most

I’m the one who when you look at me

You’re thinking of her ghost

I’m the one who when you hear my laugh

You wish it was her tune

And I’m the one that, though I know you don’t

 I wish you loved me too

Ross Lynn

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Trust Me

I can make it feel both beautiful and sweet

I can make it so it’s hard for you to sleep

I can make you immune to every other “she”

To every girl’s charm that isn’t me

I can make you question every single thought

Every myth, every lie that you’ve ever been taught

Leave you shivering with pleasure…or is it with pain

Leave you calling me pretty whilst thinking I’m vain

I can make you feel this and oh so much more

All those feuding emotions, all those worlds to explore

I could make you feel all this

I’d do it for free

Only price is you wanting to be with me

Ross Lynn

Until I Met You

I thought I knew writing, was always so sure.

A come before B and he before her

And full stops were best and where commas should rest

Now every line feels like I’m failing a test

I thought I knew music, I knew I had skill

Each pitch and each note with my range I could kill

And wavers of voice, now no longer my choice

The songs sung before have escaped from my voice

I thought I knew colours, could name every hue

Could tell every Lilac from purple or blue

Now I stare at the walls and my vision just falls

I see no more colour when pacing the halls

I thought I knew artwork, yes all this is true.

Knew music, knew writing, knew lilacs from blues

Was sure of it all, yes still this is true

I knew who I was until I met you.

Ross Lynn