Dressing Room Scribbles (A Poem)

Crushes of sulphur,
You pull me back in.
Set fire to my fingers,
Spread ink on my skin.

Crushes of sulphur,
Compare me to her.
Note all of my niggles,
Where hers don’t occur,

Crushes of sulphur,
I am pulled back in.
I let you spread fire and ink to my skin.

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Trust Me

I can make it feel both beautiful and sweet

I can make it so it’s hard for you to sleep

I can make you immune to every other “she”

To every girl’s charm that isn’t me

I can make you question every single thought

Every myth, every lie that you’ve ever been taught

Leave you shivering with pleasure…or is it with pain

Leave you calling me pretty whilst thinking I’m vain

I can make you feel this and oh so much more

All those feuding emotions, all those worlds to explore

I could make you feel all this

I’d do it for free

Only price is you wanting to be with me

Ross Lynn


So now you close your eyes when you call her “Mother”

Pretend you’re not the living, breathing, spitting image of her

Pretend she didn’t used to hold you just to feel

How some soft some skin can be

How soft some love can feel



I keep a lot of notebooks. Throughout the years I’ve probably amassed more pieces of paper than I have conversations. Blank empty pages became easier for me to reveal myself to than the expectant faces surrounding me, so as I grew up I ended up with encyclopedias filled with my hopes, dreams and eventually sorrows.

Soft sheets of paper rather than other people my age became my friends. And to them I owe my life. Cause for some reason even if you’ve been writing for so long that your hand begins to ache and the ink in your pen runs dry, I’ve learnt that nothing makes you feel more heard than a blank sheet of paper.

I don’t really expect anything from this. I do not expect, nor do I want, comments, views or thousands of followers. My only interest is to reveal myself once more to this blank sheet of paper – as she does and always has accepted me in a way than no one else could ever compete with.

Love, RossLynn.